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Earthquake (Haiti case study)

earthquake app

Audience: KS3/KS4

Subject: Geography

Topic: Nature, Earthquake, Disaster, Society, Economy, Poverty, Causes

Question: Why was the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 so devastating for the country?

Author: Paul Lawrence




The mystery surrounds the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and why it was such a devastating event for the country. It considers the risk of tectonic hazards to the country due to its physical location as well social and economic factors that have made it vulnerable to disaster. Primary and secondary effects are also covered that can lead to discussion towards why so many people died.


• Be able to sequence the different stages of an earthquake
• Identify both the physical causes and human factors that led to such devastation
• Understand the social and economic factors that have left Haiti vulnerable to natural disasters 
• The difference between primary and secondary effects
• Discussion on why Haiti is stuck in a cycle of poverty