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Sports vs Library Facilities

Sports library app

Audience: KS3/KS4

Subject: English

Topic: Writing, Persuasive Arguments, Sport, Exercise

Question: Your school has been given a ‘one off’ gift of £500,000. There are two proposals as to how the money could be spent; one is to expand the school library and ICT facilities, the other is to invest in sports and games equipment. Which proposal would you choose?

Author: Stephanie Nelson



This mystery is designed to help students to reflect on a particular issue, analyse two sides of an argument, and then construct a text which supports their own conclusions. At the time of writing, the issue of school sports is topical and so it is hoped that this exercise will stimulate discussion and enable groups to come up with statements of their own to add to those provided. As the use anecdotes is a popular technique when constructing persuasive texts, students will be encouraged to provide their own to enhance their writing. The outcome could be a written text or a speech, or perhaps form the basis for preparation for a speaking and listening assignment/discuss