While we are no longer developing Digital Mysteries and Thinking Kit, we are leaving our website up for those of you interested in the ideas behind the Apps.

Reflective Thinking director Dr. Ahmed Kharrufa spoke at West Denton Primary school this week as part of their Raising Aspirations Programme. Ahmed was delighted to be asked by Mick MingStones, the Head Teacher of West Denton Primary School, in Newcastle upon Tyne, to visit their school to share the background behind his success.

Both the staff and students at the school gave a very warm welcome to Ahmed when he arrived, with some students offering extra help as official guides! He was also pleased to receive a certificate which you can see here.

The event involved a presentation to the school’s Year Five pupils about how he was interested in programming from a very early age, to moving to Newcastle to study for a PhD then developing Digital Mysteries and becoming Director of Reflective Thinking. This even included some nostalgic images from the very first computer he used, to the very first game he actually created.

A piece about the day will also be included in West Denton’s next newsletter, The Stepping Stone. It was a really enjoyable afternoon for Reflective Thinking to be involved in and Ahmed is looking forward to visiting again soon.