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Jesus Crucifixion

jesus crucifixion app      Jesus Crucifixion


        Subject:          RE
        Topic:              Christianity, Jesus, Easter, Crucifixion, Bible
        Audience:       KS3/KS4
        Question:       Why is Jesus crucifixion significant?
        Author:           Jonny Greenshields


This mystery challenges learners to look across different Biblical writings concerning the crucifixion to answer the question 'Why is the crucifixion of Jesus significant?'

To give a full answer to the question, students will have to build their argument using quotes from the Old Testament and New Testament as well as their own ideas.

The task has three difficulty levels -  on easy, students are given 14 slips, on medium, 18 and hard, 20. These include quotes from the Bible as well as statements around the topic to help students understand.

This mystery can be used to help students understand the differences between the perspectives of the Old and New Testaments on the crucifixion of Jesus.