While we are no longer developing Digital Mysteries and Thinking Kit, we are leaving our website up for those of you interested in the ideas behind the Apps.

Volcanic Eruption

volcanic eruption app      Volcanic Eruption


        Subject:           Geography
        Topic:               Nature, Disaster, Hazard, Effects
        Audience:        KS3/KS4
        Question:         Why is Fidel on a flight to London?
        Author:            Paul Lawrence


The mystery surrounds Fidel, a 16 year old boy who lives on the Island of Montserrat. After the Volcano comes to life in 1995 Fidel’s life is turned upside down and he finds himself on a flight to London. The main aim of the mystery is to look at the physical causes of the eruption and the effects. These effects are split into primary and secondary effects and both can be used to solve the mystery. 

The mystery links to knowledge and understanding of tectonic hazards at both Key Stage 3 and 4 and can also be used as the basis of a more detailed case study at Key Stage 4.


• Be able to know the difference between cause and effect
• Understand the difference between a primary and secondary effect
• Create a sequence to show knowledge and understanding of activity at a destructive / convergent plate boundary.
• Consider the impacts of natural hazards on an LEDC. This can be compared to an eruption in an MEDC.
• Consider how eruptions can be predicted or managed in the future.