While we are no longer developing Digital Mysteries and Thinking Kit, we are leaving our website up for those of you interested in the ideas behind the Apps.



Thinking Kit is a quick, simple way to create iPad activities which are then downloaded from the cloud onto learners’ iPads. The activities help learners develop higher level thinking and collaboration skills while they build knowledge of any chosen topic.

Teachers and students create their own activities

An educator creates small pieces of information (text, images or both) which can be on anything. They also set a task goal, some instructions or a question – which determines what learners do with these pieces. As an example, they may need to group them, put them in an order or arrange them on a custom background.

There are various different types of activities that can be created. Please see the blog post '16 ways to use Thinking Kit' or '17 reasons to create a card sort' for some ideas. Excellent examples of Thinking Kit being used are at Gosforth Central Middle School and Chesterton Community College.

Access to Thinking Kit and Thinking Kit Creator Subscriptions is no longer available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us at support@reflectivethinking.com if you need further information.